Thursday, February 23, 2012

It starts..

Kate got bit yesterday at school! Being a toddler teacher, I've seen in most cases that when a child gets bit, it usually triggers them to start biting. Well, this is one of those cases. When we got home she wasn't wanting her diaper changed so she grabbed my arm, squeezed it, yelled very loud and attempted to bite me! Twice. Oh how I hope she doesn't start this. Prayers please!!!!!

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cutie :)

Some one got new jammies from Mimi. The little mermaid was my favorite movie when I was little. I want it to get it for Kate but I think is in the Disney Vault and can't be purchased right now. :(


I am now a Scentsy consultant! I'm very excited about this. I've loved the products for a while now so I thought I'd try out selling. If you've never used them you are missing out!! They make my house smell amazing! Feel free to check out my site.
All fall/winter merchandise now 10% off and the spring/summer things are available march 1st. You can order online and have it shipped directly to you for those that don't live close to me. I also do parties where you can earn half-priced items and discounted items! Online parties avaible too!! :)

Birthday Party &

Yesterday me, mom & Kate took a little trip to wal-mart to get a few things. We ended up getting a few things for Kate's birthday party....that's 9 months away. Crazy? Maybe, but when you see something you should always get it because odds are it won't be there when you go back. Especially at wal-mart! Her theme is going to be pink & zebra so I thought these would go perfect!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What's new!

Happy Valentines Day! I'm not even going to try to play catch up with this blog...sorry again I'm so behind. I'll TRY to be better. So what's new?? Well, I'm training for my first 5k! I'm very excited! I have a goal in my head of how many minutes id like to to do it in..but a friend who does them often told me not to time my self on my first one. Just focus on completing it so I'm trying to do that. But I've still secretly got the time in my head. I won't be disappointed if I go over but would like to push my self to do it. With that being said, I'm completely NOT "training" today because it's party day at the preschool and my sweet parents have brought us so many yummy treats. I've given my self a tummy ache but enjoyed it! :)
Justin is also working out & dieting with me and this makes me very happy bc now I'm hoping to cut back on our grocery bill. Every week we make a menu and have to buy so much...staring Sunday night we are both just going to have chicken & one veggie and one fruit (for him, I hate fruit). And no sweets!!! Normally I try to prepare a main dish with 2-3 sides. And he always has to have cookie dough or ice cream...or usually both! So hopefully we will loose weight & save money at the same time! :) I'll let you know if our plan works!
So little miss kate has gotten so bad! Sweet at times and I love her to pieces but she has a major attitude!!!!! She hits herself in the head when she's mad and doesn't get her way. And yesterday & today she has bitten. ?? Hope she gets out of the soon? She also getting so smart. She knows her facial features and loves to sing "if your happy & you know it". We can't go anywhere without turning her DVD player on first...& I better not let it go dead! She gets very upset! She loves getting her jacket on and going outside. The other day it rained all day and she just stood under our coat rack crying for her jacket. Poor baby. She's just growing too fast. I want to just stop times sometimes and hold her. She also has a back molar in. She's going to be two before I know it! Have a blessed day!!

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