Friday, March 2, 2012

Sweet pics!

Miss priss has to have her very own grocery list and pen when we go shopping!

She was smiling so hard!!

She can finally wear her toms and she loves them! Everyone tells her the love her shoes and she lifts her leg for you to see them and says "shoes". :)

Shes getting so smart! She's talking more & more...still wearing out dada & Cash. She says those 2 words constantly! She loves cash so much. Any time we go out we have to see him.
She's into hiding her toys now. All thru the house. I have to say I love nothing more that opening a random cabinet or drawer and finding something she left behind. It warms my heart! The other day she had gone to bed and I went to cook supper and opened my cabinet for a skillet and found a half eaten cookie & her cup. Justin opens his drawer in the bathroom for something and found her cup. Too funny. She just brings do much joy to our lives!

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