Monday, April 30, 2012

Strep...round 2

Kate hasn't been feeling good over the weekend and she had 102 fever at school today so I went on and took her to the. Dr. I'm glad I did because turns out she has strep. Again. That's twice in 4 weeks. He said is she gets it again "we'll talk" I'm assuming about tonsils coming out...he said this time and last that she is very young to be getting strep. She also has fluid on both ears and a croupy cough. So please keep her in your prayers! On a more positive note she's finally saying MAMA!!! After 18 loooong months!!! It makes me so happy to hear her call me! Sheis just getting to big too fast. She does something every day that just makes us laugh. She's so silly! I hate that she don't feel good but I must say Im loving all the affection she wants...she is being very clingy and I like it because usually she's to busy. But I'm hoping she feels better soon. Her new thing is when I say "love you" she says "love" :) well, that's all for now!!

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