Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lewis Christmas

This past weekend we went to Hattiesburg for the Lewis Christmas. It was a wonderful time visiting with my family & eating good food! We started off the day Saturday by taking my Dad Christmas shopping. He ALWAYS waits to the last weekend. But we did pretty good my making him make a list before we even left and he was able to get most everyone's from one store, target!! Which was good bc traffic was CRAZY! He took me & my sister to American Eagle to do a little shopping for us :)
My sister and I always make fudge on Christmas so we did that and had a good Cajun meal with almost all the family!!
We ended our weekend sunday morning with a trip to cracker barrel! We had a great time!
I can't believe Christmas time has snuck up on us! I can't believe it's time!!
Here are a few pics from Saturday.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Meet sweet baby Raimey.

He's is perfectly healthy and so tiny! 6lb 8oz. I just love him already!
Yesterday Kate had her first meeting with Santa. Epic fail. She screamed. Alot. Her picture is of her screaming and holding her arms out. All while wearing an adorable outfit from her nah-nah got her that says "I love Santa" Ironic? Lol!

Only of she wouldve been this happy to see Santa! I'll show you the pic when I get Monday or Tuesday. I'm going to attempt to take her picture for our Christmas cards today. When I did this for her birthday after about 100 shots I had maybe one picture that I could use. She's just too busy for a picture! I'll let you know how that goes! :)

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Meet Buddy, our Elf on the shelf. He came from Santas workshop and watches Kate and goes back and tells Santa every night if she's been a good girl or bad girl. No hard question there... Haha! Next year will a little mor fun and meaningful because he will actually move around. But this year he's very content on our mantle. :)

My friend Jenn is in the hospital right now waiting on sweet baby Raimey to get here. It's looks like its going to be a long day for her because they admitted her last night but as of now (12:15pm) she's only 1cm. I know exactly what she is going thru because I was the same way! Please say a little prayer that delivery will come soon and everything will be fine. He is 2 weeks early bc he's on a main nerve in her back and causing her pain. I'll post a pic when I see him! Hopefully tonight!
Not much else going on in our little world as of now, guess that's a good thing sometimes! We are just gearing up for the holidays! I am liking this cold weather though!!! :) it just feels right for December. Bring on the snow!!!!!!!!!
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Deactivating Facebook

Well, I've been thinking about this for long enough. I just think its time to give up FB. I find myself spending too much of my time checking status' and seeing what's going on in others lives and I really just have no need for that. The majority of people I talk to on there are ones I talk to in person or text so it's just really no point. Not to mention all the drama FB tends to bring. I'm sure you can all relate to that at some point. I didn't delete it just deactivated for a while. I may or may not go back. All I know is right now I need a break. I will still blog so you can keep up with little miss priss of you like! I know our family enjoys seeing pics of her so I want them to still be able to do that since they dont see her as much as they like!

-Hannah 💜

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sick day....week...

Well we started off Tuesday by taking a sick day. Kate woke up with 103 fever. By 10am it was around 103.7 so we went to the dr. They told us it was something viral and wound just have to run it course. It could take a few days...they were right! We are going on day 3 of fever. Yesterday it peaked at 104.7. Scared me a lot!! She was fine this morning so we went to town to get something's and after her nap she woke up with fever again! :( so we are back to laying on the couch & watching tv. That's all she's done the past 2 days. She hasn't hardly got of the couch any. She won't eat anything either. I just hope and pray she's better for her big day Saturday!! I sure hate seeing her feel so bad.

Breaks mommys heart.

Weve been staying naked bc she's so hot. I think she likes it though! :)

I was able to get a smile to show off her new tooth! More ate coming!
Please pray for us and for her to get better ASAP!

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Catching up!

Where to begin? Well, I'll start with Halloween. We went on our "annual" trick or treat hayride. It was a blast! We had 6 kids and they had a blast! So did the parents I think! Bug was a cupcake!

Her friend Addison came along with us!

I was very impressed she kept the hat on the whole time! :)
This past Saturday we went to my sisters to visit. They had a jump jump and Kate loved the big slide!

Making her way up!

Kate and her paw paw bill

Geaux Tigers! :)

Me, Kate, dad, & nanny
So this weekend is Kate's birthday party! I've been waiting for this day for many months!! I didn't go all out with a theme. Believe me, I wanted but it was getting very pricy & with Christmas next month I decided to just get our family & friends together for burgers & some cake! I love grilling so I thought what better way to have a first birthday party! I can hardly wait! My mom is getting to come down Friday & I'm taking off early so we can go get gifts & decorations! I'm so glad she is coming to help! Kate is getting a 4 wheeler from her daddy I and I just can't wait to see her on it! I'll leave you with a few new thing she's picked up!
*says kitty kitty (more like kii kii)
But we know what she means.
She says it & looks for Marie
*say dog (sounds more like daw)
*Says bye bye
*says mama only when she
wants her food from me??
*throws fits, like lays in the floor
and rolls around fits?
*has all 4 top teeth coming in at
one time.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some updates!

Since my last post I think bug has learned a few new things. Unfortunately, of those...still no mama. :( I mean, she has said it a time or two so I know she can. But I just want to hear it the way I do dada. Here are the latest!
*has clapping down! Actually moves hands back & forth & makes her hands make the noise. (no more praying clap. Although that was adorable!)
*know to clap when we say "yay"
*takes about 4-5 steps when she wants...but anytime I have my phone out to record she plops down??
*can walk all day long & all over the place if your holding her hand.
*Likes to point at things
*throws everything out of her bed when she wants out
I'm sure there is more but I've drawn a blank :)
We took her to her friends first bday party & she had a blast. Got in a jump jump & LOVED it!
They party was so cute, it totally put me in "party mode" kates party is in a month & a half! I picked out & customized invites today and just waiting on a little closer to time to take her picture for them! CANT WAIT!!!! We had a fun filled Saturday & a lazy Sunday following church so I'd say we had a great weekend! Wr hope this week goes by fast because Mimi (my mom) is coming down Saturday for a little shopping! :)

Loving the jump jump!

Hey daddy!

Mommy & kbug

Got her new bath letters, couldn't wait till bath time though!

Daddy spelling "kate"...Kate eating the "D" :)
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sick day.

We had to take a sick day today. Last night I couldn't get bug to eat much. Just a few carrots & a little milk. About 10 minutes after she got really sick!! I hated to see her like that bc she really didn't know what to do when she threw up. It scared her :( This morning I went to wake her for school & she had got sick again in her bed. So we stayed home today just to be safe. Shes been fine so far so hopefully it was just a little bug.

This was last night, I knew she didn't feel too good bc she never just lays on the floor to watch tv

She did the same thing this morning. After a good nap I hope we are feeling better!
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Monday, September 12, 2011

When I cook I usually let down the dishwasher for Kate to play with. She likes to pull the drawer out and I entertains her. Well, tonight I did it and went on about cooking. I turned around to look at her and this is what I saw.

She climbed up there and was just a' dancing! I called Justin over to stand by her long enough for me to take a picture. She's such a mess!! Have a great Monday!! We are off to kinda a bad start. Kate didn't sleep good so that means we didn't either. I'm one tired mama!!! But I guess it can only get better from here!! :)
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Saturday, September 10, 2011


Today Kate & I spent the day with my sister & nephew. We went to the Childrens museum & shopped till we dropped! Kate & Tate were troopers! We drug them to 3 baby stores and they both were good shoppers! We told Tate what size Kate wore & he went & picked her out some clothes. He did pretty good!! We also got her a halloween costume. She's going to be a cupcake!! Can't wait to Halloween! Here are some pics from our busy day!
*Tate on the sticky thing


*Kate, her nanny, & Tate dancing

*they were on tv!

*Kate & Nanny

*she milked a cow!!

*Tate too!

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Worst grocery trip...ever

OH MY GOODNESS....I wanted to spank kate so bad today!!! Lol!! But I know she really don't even understand when I pop het hand but she no longer wants to sit in the grocery cart. I couldn't keep her down for anything! After fighting and fighting I finally put her in the bottom part. But she still insisted on standing and was constantly falling on the groceries, throwing them out the buggy or eating them. She will HAVE to stay at school while I go from now on. She wore me out!!

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Pajama Day!

I feel so lucky to be able to wear my pjs to work! At least once a month anyway! I mean, how many can do that and not get looked at in a funny way!! We love pj day at Funtime Pre-school!

Kate in her cute jammies!

Tried to take a picture with her but she's too into her favorite show, Little Einstiens.

Tuned in...

Still watching...
She loves tv! Her favorites are Little Einstiens, The Backyardagains, Olivia, & Wheel Of Fortune ?? I guess it's all the colors on the wheel? Weird, but she likes it so we watch!
A few more little updates about kbug...
*everything is still da-da
*she can wave bye, but says da-da instead of bye bye
*loves marlie!!! Marlie is beginning to play with her now instead of running away :)
*throws food on the floor when she don't want any more, and when I tell her don't throw it on the floor!
*gets popped on the hand when she does something she's not supposed to be doing, however...she just looks at her hand after I pop it & laughs???
Also, I had her in the buggy yesterday at Kroger and I turned for one second to grab something off the shelf and when I noticed her she was standing up in the buggy!! In the small part, where kids sit! after I made her sit back down she thought it was fun & kept trying to do it...and the straps won't go around her so I can't buckle her in. Shes such a mess!!!!
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Minor Change

Ok, in my previous post I told said you could send me your email address and Ill let you know when I update. Well, thanks to my blogging friend Jamie, now you can go to my blog and there is link on the right and you can enter your email address and it will automatically update you so i dont have to send out the emails my self! :)

Also, I have enabled the mobile blog so if you view on your phone it should be easier for you to read and not have to load the whole page like on a desktop.

**but you may not be able to do the auto-subscribe from there? may have to go to your home computer for that, im not sure?!



Hi friends! Ok, So when I used to blog I would send everyone an email with the link. Then I just started posting it on FB...but I'm now thinking of going back to the email because to be honest, I'm getting a little tired of FB. Don't get me wrong, I love it when it comes to talking to old friends or seeing sweet pics of my friends, their children ext...and I'm not going to delete my FB or anything but I find my self not really getting on it as much bc I get really tired of the drama that is on there. I hate nothing more than seeing ugly words all on my news feed or someone talking bad about some one else. So on & so on. I'm sure you have thought about that too at some point. I know I can delete them, but then it seems to start some more useless drama about why did I delete them & blah blah blah... I'd much rather share my pictures and stories on my blog for those who want to read it. But I know how aggravating it Is getting junk mail so I'm asking if you would like me to send you an email when I blog just let me know. I don't want to bother you if your not interested. Not that my blog is interesting by no means, but I enjoy reading my friends so maybe some like reading mine??!! :) anyway, here is my email if you'd like to be on my emailing list!
Even if you think I have your email still let me know if you'd like me to send you the link because I really don't want to bother anyone! I hope you all have a blessed day!!
**yes I'm posting this on on FB to get the word out... Lol!! :)

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What a beautiful day we had yesterday! It feels absolutely wonderful! I have to work late on Tuesday's & Thursday's so Justin & I got home about the same time so we decided to spend a little time outside and soak in all this cooler weather! Here are some pics from our afternoon!

Justin & Cash playing fetch

Such s good dog!

He loves for us to throw things in the pond for him!

She enjoyed watching Cash & daddy play

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