Thursday, November 17, 2011

Deactivating Facebook

Well, I've been thinking about this for long enough. I just think its time to give up FB. I find myself spending too much of my time checking status' and seeing what's going on in others lives and I really just have no need for that. The majority of people I talk to on there are ones I talk to in person or text so it's just really no point. Not to mention all the drama FB tends to bring. I'm sure you can all relate to that at some point. I didn't delete it just deactivated for a while. I may or may not go back. All I know is right now I need a break. I will still blog so you can keep up with little miss priss of you like! I know our family enjoys seeing pics of her so I want them to still be able to do that since they dont see her as much as they like!

-Hannah 💜

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sick day....week...

Well we started off Tuesday by taking a sick day. Kate woke up with 103 fever. By 10am it was around 103.7 so we went to the dr. They told us it was something viral and wound just have to run it course. It could take a few days...they were right! We are going on day 3 of fever. Yesterday it peaked at 104.7. Scared me a lot!! She was fine this morning so we went to town to get something's and after her nap she woke up with fever again! :( so we are back to laying on the couch & watching tv. That's all she's done the past 2 days. She hasn't hardly got of the couch any. She won't eat anything either. I just hope and pray she's better for her big day Saturday!! I sure hate seeing her feel so bad.

Breaks mommys heart.

Weve been staying naked bc she's so hot. I think she likes it though! :)

I was able to get a smile to show off her new tooth! More ate coming!
Please pray for us and for her to get better ASAP!

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Catching up!

Where to begin? Well, I'll start with Halloween. We went on our "annual" trick or treat hayride. It was a blast! We had 6 kids and they had a blast! So did the parents I think! Bug was a cupcake!

Her friend Addison came along with us!

I was very impressed she kept the hat on the whole time! :)
This past Saturday we went to my sisters to visit. They had a jump jump and Kate loved the big slide!

Making her way up!

Kate and her paw paw bill

Geaux Tigers! :)

Me, Kate, dad, & nanny
So this weekend is Kate's birthday party! I've been waiting for this day for many months!! I didn't go all out with a theme. Believe me, I wanted but it was getting very pricy & with Christmas next month I decided to just get our family & friends together for burgers & some cake! I love grilling so I thought what better way to have a first birthday party! I can hardly wait! My mom is getting to come down Friday & I'm taking off early so we can go get gifts & decorations! I'm so glad she is coming to help! Kate is getting a 4 wheeler from her daddy I and I just can't wait to see her on it! I'll leave you with a few new thing she's picked up!
*says kitty kitty (more like kii kii)
But we know what she means.
She says it & looks for Marie
*say dog (sounds more like daw)
*Says bye bye
*says mama only when she
wants her food from me??
*throws fits, like lays in the floor
and rolls around fits?
*has all 4 top teeth coming in at
one time.

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