Sunday, May 13, 2012

Birthday party!

Kate was invited to a birthday party yesterday. It was for my friends little girl who turned 3. Kate was the only "baby" there but she took right in with all the big girls. They had lots of fun on the play equipment at Chic Fil A! And enjoyed some yummy nuggets & a cupcake.
After the party we went to Target with mom where we got caught in the great flood. It came down so hard while we were in the store the lights were flickering. Kate started screaming so we were trying to check out & get out but in the mist of all that I found this ADORABLE bath set that I really wanted to get...but it was just too much commotion at the time I really couldn't look at and get what I needed. I looked online when I got home and of course it's "only in stores". Ugh! Hopefully I can get back out there next weekend because I really want it! Found it on Amazon but everything is double the price!
Hope you all have a Happy Mothers Day!!